Gerald Thomaschütz

(Grades 1953)

The painter Gerald Thomaschütz was born in Grades, Carinthia, in 1953. His childhood drawings already showed great talent. He received early support from his drawing professor Egon Wucherer, who also organized Thomaschütz's first exhibition at the Art Association for Carinthia. At that time, the artist was just 18 years old. Thomaschütz learned from Wucherer that “one's own vision and direct implementation should be the sole benchmark for orientation” and conveyed a critical attitude towards artistic fads. This can be clearly seen in Thomaschütz's independence as a painter. 1974-1975 Gerald Thomaschütz studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the class of Prof. Hollegha. After stays abroad, the center of life of Gerald Thomaschütz and his family today is in St. Veit / Glan in Carinthia.
The suits that are the subject of many of his ironic pictures are characteristic of Gerald Thomaschütz's art. Thomaschütz is a keen observer and despite the reduced depiction of facial expressions and gestures, he hits the intended expression with pinpoint accuracy. The subtly profound and humorous works of art by Gerald Thomaschütz have already been presented in an international setting several times.