About us

R.A.T. - Royal Art Trading GmbH is a company for international art trade that also engages in exhibitions of first-class art from regional to international level from the following art epochs:

  • International Classical Modernism – Impressionism/Expressionism
  • Contemporary Art
  • Old Masters

The origin of our company goes back to the year 1994, when the people behind R.A.T. started their activities in art trade and art history.
This was the starting time of Galerie Thun-Hohenstein. Later the Munich based company
I.A.T. & Gallery GmbH was added, which operated successfully in the art market for more than ten years. The return to the origins in the South of Austria was accompanied by the restrictions due to COVID-19, which only supported the decision to foster our activities in our home country Carinthia and therefore R.A.T. was founded there.

The Royal Art Trading GmbH is working independently of any institution and of any public corporation. We can maintain this autonomy, which is most important for us, through our international work in private fine art sale.

As private fine art dealers we are acting as agents between private clients to buy and sell high-class and clearly attributed works of art. The benefit of this system - as well for the buyers as for the sellers – is the avoidance of lengthy bureaucratic processes and public registrations at auction houses. Furthermore, there is no threat of loss through the common gallery system and absolute discretion is guaranteed. The network we are acting within has been established in decades and is being permanently maintained.

The viewings of the art works take place in the showrooms of renowned companies for global fine art handling & logistics and can be organized totally autonomously, which means, buyer and seller will never meet each other. The whole process takes place under the strictest security precautions and with the greatest discretion. The financial transaction happens through our company or, if desired, via a trustee office.

If you want to offer art works for sale to us, please have a look at our artists list for orientation.
Apart from works by the artists listed there, we are also interested in glass objects from the manufacture Joh. Lötz Witwe, objects by Wiener Werkstätte, porcelain figurines from all well-known manufacturers and selected lighting fixtures - preferably Italian design from the 1950s to 1970s.

We are looking forward to doing good art business with you!